At Sun Spa Tanning we proudly offer the highest quality tanning equipment available. Starting with our base models, the Sundash Radius and Sundash 240, we then move up to Dr. Muller’s original orbit. Our high end tanning bed, the Future Sun II, also by Dr. Muller is the first of it’s kind in any Colorado tanning salon. We also offer Versa Spa sunless tanning and the Hydration Station. We are confident that our equipment can achieve the desired results of any tanner. Sun Spa offers customizable combinations and pricing options to meet the needs any level of tanner. If you have any questions about our pricing, just ask!

Future Sun II High Pressure Hybrid-Tan time 10 min max:

Sun Spa is the first salon in Colorado to feature this amazing new, German manufactured, tanning bed by Dr. Muller.
Features include:
Therma-Cool acrylic cooling system.
Optimized UV geometry for extreme tanning results.
Sun Fresh – your personal air ionizer and purifier.
Sun Haze aromatherapy
Sun Mist cool misting
Sun Breeze powerful air conditioning system with easy touch control panel.

Single Session: $24.99
Monthly Unlimited: $69.99/mo. (12mo.) | $54.95/mo. (24mo.)
30 Day Unlimited Pass: $99

The Orbit-Tan time 12 min max:

This Very High Performance Orbit is of the most advanced medium-pressure tanning systems, featuring 11,000 watts of tanning power and an elliptic shape, which places the lamps in perfect proximity to the body. It has four 1000-W facial lamps, body lamps with 2% UVB which induces a faster, deeper, and longer lasting tan.

Single Session: $15.99
Monthly Unlimited: $59.99/mo. (12mo.) | $44.95/mo. (24mo.)
30 Day Unlimited Pass: $89

StarPower-Tan time 12 min max:

This 8 foot long, spacious high performance tanning unit provides approximately 8500 watts of medium pressure tanning power, utilizing specialized side tanning lamps, shoulder-tanning lamps, and four 400 Watt Ultra Pressure facial lamps. Many clients like that this unit includes stereo speakers inside the tanning unit, for your listening pleasure.

Single Session: $13.99
Monthly Unlimited: $49.99/mo. (12 month) | $34.95/mo. (24mo.)
30 Day Unlimited Pass: $79

Sundash Radius 252 Stand Up -Tan time 12 min max:

This is one of the only tanning booths to offer six feet of tanning power along with an extreme cooling system. With 52 extra long 200-watt Genesis lamps, you will ensure an all around even tan. For tanners who don’t like to lie still while tanning and want to prevent tanning lines. Spacious cage free design.

Single Session: $11.99
Monthly Unlimited: $39.99/mo. (12mo.) | $24.95/mo. (24mo.)
30 Day Unlimited Pass: $59

Sundash 240 -Tan time 15 min max:

This entry-level unit has a distinctive shape that dramatically increases the tanning surface, allowing more even coverage along your sides and underarms than traditional tanning beds. This bed provides a high-powered tanning session using the proven combination of 20 Super High Performance UVA Lamps and 20 Genesis Super Lamps for a high-powered tanning experience.

Single Session: $11.99
Monthly Unlimited: $39.99/mo. (12mo.) | $24.95/mo. (24mo.)
30 Day Unlimited Pass: $59