Mar 7th

Switch Up Your Tanning Regimen

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At SunSpa Tanning & Day Spa we offer many different kinds of high quality tanning equipment to provide our guests with bronzed and beautiful skin. Your tanning schedule is important to us and we want you to get the most of your membership. Utilizing all of our equipment is recommended to achieve your most desired look.

The Sundash 240 is perfect base bed to start off with during your first few sessions at SunSpa. Building a base tan is important and essential when it comes to moving on to a stronger bed. Switching to a stand up bed is a great idea for those who don’t necessarily feel like lying in a bed while tanning or want to prevent tan lines. This six foot tall booth ensures an all around even tan, every time!

Our next step up is the StarPower eight-foot long high performance bed equipped with side, shoulder and face lamps. From there, The Orbit tanning bed is fantastic for a faster, deeper and longer lasting tan because of its 2% UVB body lamps. Switching every few days to The Orbit bed will help to achieve the darkest tan. From there, our most prestige bed is the Future Sun II High Pressure Hybrid bed. This bed is the ultimate bed for all of your tanning needs! It has three different cooling systems to help prevent overheating during your session. What’s even cooler about this bed is that SunSpa is the first salon to carry it in all of Colorado!

Stop in to SunSpa Tanning & Day Spa today to figure out which tanning equipment is best for you! Happy Tanning!