IMG_145795156924992Nails By Vivian

My name is Vivian, and I am a licensed nail technician with 10 years of experience. I will expertly take care of your hands and feet and will give you good recommendations  for keeping your nails healthy and in good shape.  I am very meticulous about the care of my client’s nails and my client’s leave happily with the service I provided. I particularly focus on the maintenance of the nails trimming, filing, and any other needs that are necessary. Acrylic nails are just one of my many specialty services that I provide,  but I also do nail art and the popular Shellac gel nail enhancements. I value my clients and am looking forward to meeting new ones.  I take pride in making my clients nails superbly beautiful and am looking forward to doing yours soon.  Call Vivian to schedule an appointment at (720) 999-5847


Fullset- $30 Pedicure Shellac- $40
Fill- $22 French- $5
Pink & White- $45 Nail Fix- $3 & Up
Fill- $35 Nail Design- $5 & Up
Manicure & Pedicure- $40 3D Design- $5 & Up
Manicure- $17 Polish Change Nails- $10
Manicure Shellac- $28 Polish Change Toe- $15
Pedicure- $28

 Call Vivian to schedule an appointment at (720) 999-5847