Apr 16th

Is your skin feeling sensitive?

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Our new favorite bed time routine to combat sensitivity is Barrier defense booster topped with our french lavender Sound Sleep Cocoon.

Is your skin feeling sensitive? Ph, temperature, friction, product use, and genetics can all play an important role with sensitive and sensitized skin. In short we need to keep a diet high in Omega-3 for skin and hair health, reduce stress, and use the correct products for our skin type.

Why use a pH balanced cleanser? Any skin type can experience sensitivity if one is using a cleanser that is NOT pH balanced. A pH balanced cleanser keeps lipid barrier intact with out stripping or sensitizing the skin. Skin that is already experienced sensitivity, should use a specific cleanser prescribed by Sun Spa’s Dermalogica Expert skin therapist (Julie or Beth) for their skin condition.

Neurogensic Inflammation- Calcitonin gene related peptides are released from sensory nerve endings and cause vasdiallation which lead to sensations of pain and discomfort. These are released as part of the stress response. How do we reduce stress- meditation, massage therapy, Dermalogica touch therapy treatments, which are included with Sun Spa’s Signature Dermalogica facials.

Avoid Mineral oils- Mineral oils are pore clogging (comedogenic oils) that slow down our natural barrier lipid production. Mineral oils stop lamellar grannuals from descumation, leading to a build up of dead skin and a lack luster appearance.

Reinforce your skins barrier to reduce nerve re-activeness. Daily solutions for skin tolerance include:

Ultra Calming Mist- A soothing, hydrating mist to calm redness and sensitivity. Used post-cleanse, this lightweight mist helps create a shield against environmental assaults, and synergistically relieves and restores skin while fighting future flare-ups. Followed by either Ultra Calming serum concentrate-featuring acytel tetrapeptide 15 (water based for more oily skin). Or, Barrier defense booster- a lipid based booster which has a triple defense complex, to reduce redness, relieve dryness and fight future irritation.

Use the right SPF- sensitive skin types should be using a zinc or titanium dioxide based SPF (aka Physical sunscreen). Chemical sunscreens feel more light weight but release heat as they absorb UV. And heat is NOT good for red, inflamed or sensitive skin types!

Our new favorite bed time routine to combat sensitivity is Barrier defense booster topped with our french lavender Sound Sleep Cocoon. Make sure to have a simplified routine at home featuring prescribed products from your skin therapist here at Sun Spa. Complementary consultations are available by appointment with Julie and Beth! We look forward to helping you meet your skin care goals.