Sep 23rd

Why CT ID™ By Cal Tan®??

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ct_id_bronzer-1Why is CT ID The most trusted anti-aging tanning product on the market as of 2016?

Because it is the only tanning lotion on the market to be in a professional scientific study, with a test group to prove its results. yes, the proof is in the pudding:

CT ID st 2 natural bronzer and Optimizing Concentrate by California Tan® are using lotion and a serum infused with Age Erase Complex™ to help restore energy and radiance to the skin. This daily skincare optimizer is specifically formulated with Clinically Proven Ingredients to help you provide a potent boost, for noticeably youthful looking skin.

2 Weeks
– 97% improvement in firmness/elasticity/texture for smoother/tighter skin*
– 93% improvement in overall skin condition/feel of skin/skin softer to the touch*

4 Weeks
– 86% improvement in radiance/brightness/luminosity*
– 97% saw an increase in moisture/hydration/skin moisture**Clinical test conducted on volunteers who used the product a.m. and p.m. daily for 8 weeks.

No more needs be said over the facts. the participant based scientific study proves the results!! CT ID™ By California Tan® id available at Sun Spa and check out our special this month!  Save $20!!