Feb 9th

Fall in Love with Spellbound

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Spellbound Entranced, so silky and soft. Sweet luxurious body silk that melts into your skin. Who doesn’t swoon at your sheer blossom fragrance with notes of pear, fresh picked petals and amber? The “Darkest Delight” color elixir with wild indigo and black tea bring out the darkest tones, to enrich the beauty of your golden skin. Mega Magical Silicones blur fine lines and imperfections. With the new Spellbound Entranced, your valentine, wont be able to keep their eyes of of your mesmerizing skin. Check out he February Lotion of The Month Special


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Feb 1st

Annual Open House!

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It’s that time again and one day, once a year Open House event is our biggest savings event of the year! February 9th, 2016 from 9am-8pm! FREE giveaways and a drawing for FREE tanning sessions, minutes packages, hair salon services, massage, products and more! Get Buy-One-Get One on spray tanning, plus FREE products! Samples galore all day! Come in and try lotions! FREE Skin analysis and mini treatments at our skin bar. Try products specifically designed and formulated for YOUR skin! FREE wash + Style + Blowdry! (By appointment only. Due to limited time, limited slots are available…so call right away!) Enter our Open House Giveaway Drawing for a chance to win! Over $1000 will be given away in products and services! So many ways to save! You can’t miss this one day event February 9th, 2016 from 9am-8pm!


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smiling woman in evening dress wearing earrings
Jan 2nd

Looking to Brighten your look the New Year?

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All those layers of old skin are hiding to real you. How to Slough off the old year and Sparkle for the New one!

Step #1- book a full body exfoliation session with Rachel. She uses a natural sugar scrub from Melt (all natural handmade skin care line), to polish you from head to toe. After you will be steamed for 20 minutes to help finish the exfoliation process.

Step #2- Get our whitening kit, you can use it in the UV beds or at home with the light that comes in the kit. The whitening Kit costs $34 (and works way better than those $48 advanced seal strips). Our front desk manager recommends using a tooth brush after to work off any loose but stubborn stains between teeth

Step #3 – Get a tan.. it can be from a UV bed, a spray tan, a custom spray tan or just a cosmetic tan for when you are going out after. We recommend our DHA free transfer resistant body bronzer. Its only $29 and wont come off on your clothes. It has a shimmer and evens out imperfections in the skin. It darkens and complements any tan or can be applied over pale skin

Step #4- Glimmer Shine spray from Moroccan Oil or Pureology Shin Max serum will add that polished glowing look to your tosseled tresses.  Glimmer shine spray adds the amazing scent of Moroccan oil combined with beautiful golden flecks..

With your smooth glowing shimmery tan skin, white smile and flecks of gold in your shinning hair, you are certain to stand out in a crowd. Most of all enjoy the fabulous new you for the new year!

Happy New Year!

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Dec 17th


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Want to tan but afraid to come out in the cold weather? This is the Perfect time to try out a tingle lotion. A tingle lotion is a warming tanning accelerator that creates a tingling sensation in the skin. Tingle tanning accelerators act by increasing micro-circulation (Ie blood flow). The increase in blood flow allows more oxygen to reach your melanin faster and this oxidation is what browns the melanin (getting you tanner faster). Methyl Nicotinate is the ingredient in most tingle lotions that makes the tingling sensation.

We recommend trying tingle on your legs first or even just doing a small test patch if you have sensitive skin or are allergy prone. Tingle is an advanced product intended to enhance tanning results for advanced tanners, or those who have reached a plateau with their current tanning potential. There are different levels of tingle, please consult with a receptionist prior to use. Tingle products tend to leave your skin looking blushed for about an hour after application.


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Dec 17th


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Owner Beth Salomonis if Sun Spa had an epiphany in the shower while using some hydrate Pureology conditioner. “This is amazing, everyone must try this,” she exclaimed with glee. Ever since, everyone has been on a peppermint high at the store. We hand out peppermint patties and candy canes to all out guests. We drop peppermint essential oils into our Diffuser. We squirt bits of the amazing Peppermint Vanilla Limited edition Hempz into our clients palms and wait for the smile to spread across their faces. “This Stuff is Dope,” replied one client as they sniffed their hands with enthusiasm. “Actually,” Retorted the front desk receptionist, “Hempz, is TCH free so there isn’t any dope in there.”

Happy peppermint month and happy holidays from everyone at Sun Spa.
If you haven’t yet received your free samples of Hydrate Shampoo and conditioner, peppermint patties or gotten to sample the limited edition Holiday Hempz… come on in and take advantage.

PS- We JUST got in 24 Holiday Hempz Minis this am. They are the worlds most perfect little Stocking Stuffer. Also, to sweeten the deal, we put them on sale- Buy one mini, get one half off! This deal wont last long, so grab yours soon!

Check out our Pureology specials going on now! 

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Oct 23rd

How to Get a Flawless Tan!!

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How to get a flawless tan before your vacation or special event:
 Spray tanning can be a great quick fix! With $5 Versa Spa leg sessions or $25 Custom AirBrush tanning we have the best tanning for the best prices! However UV tanning is a better option if you are looking to build a base tan or even out dramatic tan lines. Sunless tanning may make you look like you’ve spent all week in the sun, but does NOT protect you from sunburn like a base UV tan.  Spray tanning can help with evening out skin tone but does not auto-detect where the lighter and darker areas are in your skin. Your spray tan will make the pale areas tan and the tan areas even tanner. A custom session can focus on these lighter areas and more bronzer can be applied to even out tan lines, but if you have tan lines, it is recommended to UV tan first then finish off with a spray tan. So Again… If your wedding is next month and you have a white crazy shape on your back from running, get a base tan, then a spray tan for the best results… and start ASAP! And if you are spending time at a sunny destination, getting a base tan can prevent sunburn (spray tanning doesnt). Why? Sunless tanning does not produce melanin like UV tanning does. In UV tanning, UvB releases Melanin (the pigment ultimately responsible for your tan) and UvA darkens the Melanin. The more melanin produced in advance, the more UV exposure your skin can handle with out getting redness or irritation. If you are worried about sunburn, get a base tan in a UV bed and use sunscreen out doors. Melanin protects the skin from excessive UV rays responsible for sunburn. If you are skin type 1 and can not genetically produce a tan, you are only eligible to do Versa Spa spray tanning sessions or Custom Air Brush sessions at Sun Spa. Make sure you use a sunblock or sunscreen when you are at the beach. ALSO if you are getting tan for a wedding or special event, please book a practice run for your sunless application, one week prior to the big day! Please allow roughly 8 hours for your sunless color to develop before showering.
Come in or call us with any other tanning questions. Happy tanning!
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Sep 25th

All Natural Month at Sun Spa: Featuring Swedish Beauty Botanica Line

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Our Featured Tanning Lotion Line is Swedish Beauty’s Botanica line. The Swedish Beauty Botanica range is designed for the tanner who demands high-performance with minimum synthetic ingredients. The Botanica range is 95% natural and completely paraben-free meaning that your skin is treated to a deluge of vitamins and minerals, promoting a deeper, darker tan which lasts for longer. Prepare and care for your tan with “Aloe There” a gluten, nut, paraben and silicone free moisturiser, great for sensitive skin. Well-moisturised skin tans best and the Dew Drop™ Ultra Moisture Complex replenishes, renews and restores moisture like you have not experienced before. A great product for daily use to keep your skin and tan in tip-top condition!  For those who are experienced tanners and need a little extra help to push past their natural tan colour, Hot Green Tease is a spicy concoction that stimulates blood flow to the skin and speeds up the production of melanin. Cayenne Chili Pepper is blended with traditional tingle to produce super-hot, instant reddening and must be used with caution! This “Intense Botanical Bronzing Blend” combines Henna, botanical darkening extracts and melanin enhancers to deliver ultimate bronze results. If you are not sure which lotion is right for you, staff at Sun Spa will help you to find the right level of bronzer for your desired results! Check out our Specials this month, 15% off our entire line of Swedish Beauty Botanica Line. 


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Sep 18th

All Natural Month at Sun Spa: Featuring Zen Organics

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Our Featured Spa line, is Zen Organics

Zen Organics is our line used for all massage therapy treatments at Sun Spa. At Zen Organics and at Sun Spa, we share a desire to fully understand the importance of using organic NON-TOXIC professional massage therapy, personal skin therapy, and body therapy products. Massage therapy is an extremely important part of pure stress relief so it is equally important to use a massage lotion that can provide the best results. Our products such as our dual action massage cream can truly bring out the best in your massage therapy experience. When it comes to organic skin care your body deserves the best products available. We have learned how much of a difference it can truly make in one’s well-being. It won’t be long before you realize Zen Organics is right for you. Whether you are looking for NON-TOXIC massage therapy treatments or maybe a gift pack for family or friends, you can be sure you are getting top quality products at Sun Spa. Live well. Live natural. Live zen.

This month at Sun Spa get a hour hour massage, plus a steam session for only $55!! 

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Sep 9th

All Natural Month at Sun Spa: Featuring Surface Hair Care Products

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Sun Spa provides products that respect personal health and the earth. We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable staff that can provide a personalized experience. We want to create a one stop location for all your beauty needs. Our Featured Hair Care line is Surface. Free Of – Sulfates, Gluten, Parabens, Animal Protein, Mineral Oil, and Phthalates. Surface Products are on sale this month are Sun Spa!

The name Surface comes from a passion to develop superior, all natural products that respect the surface of our earth. Organic Babassu oil is a non-drying penetrating oil that is considered a superior emollient beneficial for either dry or oily skin and hair. It gently moisturizes without leaving an oily sheen or weight. Surface sources gluten free Amaranth vegan protein from organic farms in Peru. Amaranth offers nine essential amino acids that act to prevent hair from becoming dry and dull as one ages. Styling aids are based from natural sugars and corn starch provide strong, flexible hold and anti frizz. Let nature help you find your inner artist and make styling easy. No petroleum, plastic or PVP/VA.

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Sun Spa hair care
Aug 28th

Keep Your Hair Fresh with These Great Products

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At SunSpa we are committed to providing you with complete satisfaction every time you get your hair done. Of course we use the highest quality of product lines so that you get perfect hair after each appointment. Why not extend the uses of these high quality products to your home to keep your hair color perfect until your next visit with us!

Products to Keep Color Fresh: For blondes, try using a shampoo created just for light hair. This will prevent hair from getting brassy or dull! Try products like Pureology’s Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo or Redkens Blonde Idol Hair Moisturizing Treatment.

For those who have hair dyed darker, we recommend using a shampoo that is sulfate free to avoid stripping hair color. A product like Onesta’s Probiotic Color Care Shampoo will help cleanse hair and strengthen it with its added proteins.

Products for Dry or Damaged Hair: Hair doesn’t look its best when it is dry, dull or damaged. Using a product like Moroccan Oil’s Hydrating shampoo and conditioner will revive dry hair, leaving it smooth and soft. Moroccan Oil also carries a fabulous line of other hair products such as treatments and hair masks that will assist on the journey to healthy hair!

We have a large selection of hair products here at SunSpa. Speak to one of our highly educated hairstylists or staff members today to find out what products are right for you!

August Special: Buy 2 Hair Products get the 3rd FREE!

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